Mediterranean Elegy

Adagio for Strings

Dedicated to Refugees
& their Rescuers and Helpers

Mediterranean Elegy” is an Adagio for Strings.
It is inspired by the Refugee Crisis, and is dedicated to them, and to their courageous Rescuers and Helpers.

It is comprised of 4 parts(*), and these are:

~ Consequences of War ~
~ Journey to Safety ~
~ Arrival to New Land ~
~ Struggle for Survival ~

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Expected completion date:
October, 2022


(*) there might be changes due to being a work still in creative progress

The Mediterranean Sea has been for many years now the route to Europe for refugees who flee from war-conflict and impoverished countries in order to escape from violence, abuse, and exploitation.
On the way some compassionate and courageous people came to their rescue.

Mediterranean Elegy
is dedicated
to Refugees(*)
& their Rescuers and Helpers

More details in this blog post.  

(*) regardless of race, color, gender, age, or religion
Kyriakos Papadopoulos
The Hero of the Aegean
Lesvos Grannies
Lesvos Grannies
Symbols of Solidarity
Iason Apostolopoulos
Honored Refugee Rescuer
Dionysis Arvanitakis
The baker of Kos island
Aylan Kurdi
Syrian refugees arrive on the shores of Lesvos island
Syrian Refugees
Shores of Lesvos island
Unwanted everywhere. Chaos at the Macedonian border. (EPA/Georgi Licovski)
Syrian Refugees
Unwanted everywhere

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This is a work in progress …
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Part of the donations will go towards helping refugees in need.