imagine – Symphony Orchestra template (i-SOt) was designed to facilitate working on orchestral music using the Kontakt and Reason orchestral music libraries. Cubase can be used optionally as a DAW or sequencer, or any other external sequencer software or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

The Reason version is completed, and the Kontakt version is under development.

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The Reason i-SOt template works for Reason version 5 and up, and the Setup and Example files come in two versions, for version 5 and version 10, and this way all the in-between and future versions are covered. The music project files that are included are for Reason and Cubase. The MIDI files give the ability one to use his/her own DAW or external sequencer.

The i-SOt template is organized as follows:

  • Reason Template
  • Reason-Cubase Template
  • Music Examples (Projects)
  • Manual

Music Examples

imagine – Symphony Orchestra template comes with seven (7) music examples:

  1. Ludwig van Beethoven. Coriolan Overture    
  2. Ludwig van Beethoven. Symphony no. 5 (1st mov.)    
  3. Gustav Mahler. Symphony no. 1 (4th mov. – introduction)    
  4. Felix Mendelssohn. Wedding March    
  5. Amadeus Mozart. Symphony no. 25 (1st mov.)    
  6. Antonio Vivaldi. Summer Storm (The Four Seasons)    
  7. Richard Wagner. The Ride of the Valkyries    

They are all full orchestra pieces except Vivaldi’s Summer Storm which is for Solo Violin and Strings. Also Mozart’s Symphony no. 25 is of light instrumentation comparing to the most representative examples of Mahler’s and Wagner’s which are for especially large orchestra and the orchestration of the music is more intricate and complex.


i-SOt comes with a detailed manual …