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Harmonious Symbiosis


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Harmonious Symbiosis is a music album for meditation. Having been interested in metaphysics for a long time now and after many years of meditation and participation in meditation groups this album was almost a natural consequence to compose!

Harmonious Symbiosis” means “living together in harmony.” Since the beginning of time we have sought ways to achieve living in harmony with each other, with the elements of nature around us, as well as our inner world.

To achieve Harmonious Symbiosis and peace we will have to re-examine our fundamental beliefs about life. That is, what we believe about how we relate with life, our fellow humans, the nature around and our inner nature.

The music in this album was created to help us to relax and meditate upon the concepts of Harmonious Symbiosis. The album consists of three music meditation pieces of 25 minutes duration each, from which the last about 5 minutes is silence.xx


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Peace, Nikos


11 February 2021
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