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A Hopeful History

Humankind. A Hopeful History

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Hello friends,

This article is about a book that is both really inspiring and exciting! Though we generally have a pessimistic view about humanity, this book presents a very different view.

When I started reading it I couldn’t put it down, because it was at the same time really interesting and I really didn’t want to because it was something I was looking for for a long time … It is full of stories about human kindness and bravery, and surprisingly the author, Rutger Bregman, found out and unearthed the real story of “The Lord of the Flies” which is a best-selling book that’s considered classic and it “focuses on a group of British boys stranded on an uninhabited island and their disastrous attempt to govern themselves.” The real story though is entirely different, and an evidence of how we humans are very different than what we think.

A friend of mine recommended this author to me, letting me know at first about how the author supports the “Universal Basic Income” idea, which my friend knew that I supported for a long time. And then he told me about this book, and I really wanted to read it because the concept that we humans deep down are kind and helpful to each other was something that I somehow believed and I just wanted more proof about it, and this book definitely gives more proof than one could ever expect! … Finally, the research for writing this book is amazingly extensive …

It is definitely a very interesting read and an eye-opener, and I highly recommend it!

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More about Rutger Bregman here

Watch a discussion with the author below:

More videos and talks about the book and the author here.

 Peace, Nikos


11 November 2020
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